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Our Team

A great team ensures the implementation of our core values, an organic farming management, that is supported by biodiversity and aims for the sustainability of our resources. 
They take care of the vineyards, olive groves, orchards and guarantee the well-being of our animals. 
Our team is a crucial factor for the basis of our outstanding products.

Team Monte de Matacães



Célia is the business manager. She supports all relations of the company and coordinates all activities and contacts.

« I’m truly happy to be part of the Matacães family. It is very rewarding to be involved in the motivating and innovative projects of Monte de Matacães. Working as a team, learning and evolving with the philosophy and vision of the owners of Matacães is extremely stimulating. »


Ludgero has the farm work and the animals as his responsibility.

« I have lived in Matacães for several years and I care for Matacães as my home. I like my work very much. Here I got acquainted with organic farming. I admire more and more these methods of agricultural work that are more friendly to nature and the environment. I am happy with the results that we have been able to obtain in these years.»



Sirlene has worked in Matacães for several years and especially enjoys working in the vineyard and olive grove.

« I love working with plants. It's great to care for and follow the development of our crops. The happiest moment of the year is when we harvest the fruits of our labor.
I love the products I help produce, in particular the excellent wine from Monte de Matacães.


Fabio works in the vineyard and olive grove and helps to take care of the animals. He is the beekeeper responsible for our bees.

« It is important for me to be involved in all the various tasks in Matacães. We don't have monotonous days; every day is different. I particularly like the bees, for which I am responsible. It's wonderful to watch these busy little creatures working on the biodiversity between the vineyard, olive grove, and pasture. »



Francisco collaborates with Monte de Matacães whenever necessary. He loves machines, working with tractors and the animals in addition to sowing and harvesting the food for our animals. 

« The work of preparing for forage production and the work of cereal harvesting gives me great satisfaction. I also enjoy animal handling. I like to analyze and evaluate the results of our work to find out what we can do better. »


Sónia has a part-time job in Matacães. She is responsible for housing our guests, but she also works in the vineyard, especially during the harvest.

« My goal is that our guests feel welcome at Matacães. I like being a hostess very much and it is rewarding for me that everyone who visits Matacães feels satisfied and happy to be able to enjoy a unique and unique ambience. »


Our advisors



Nuno advises the team and the owners in all matters of organic production, with special emphasis on the work and care of the vineyard. He is also responsible for the continuous training of the team.

« As a viticultural specialist, it was a great challenge for me to advise the team at Matacães on the whole model of organic farming. The enthusiasm of the Matacães staff and the Jenny family for future-oriented projects has made this work easy, and the results achieved give me courage for the future. I look forward to the tasks ahead of me. »


Humberto is, in a sense, the technical conscience of Matacães. He advises Matacães in matters related to the building's infrastructure and its maintenance.

« I have kept with the pace of development at Monte de Matacães for more than 5 years and I am proud to be part of the success of the company. Working with the team and the Jenny family is a great pleasure. »


Our partners


Erika & Tom

Erika and Tom, our neighbors an owners of Herdade da Cardeira, are responsible for our wine. In their winery, Monte de Matacães White, Red and Talha red wines are vinified with great care and according to organic specifications.

« We are happy to accept the challenge of producing organic wine together with Monte de Matacães, its team and its advisors. Also, a friendship unites us to the Jenny family, which gives the collaboration a personal base. »


Filipe is the winemaker at the Herdade da Cardeira winery. He has a deep experience and a sure sense of when the grapes have to go to the winery. He is also an excellent professional for the treatment and vinification of the mash, that contributes to the production of amazing wines.

« The project of Monte de Matacães gave me the opportunity to take on another very exciting challenge, namely, to produce an organic wine in the Adega de Herdade da Cardeira. Without any doubt, an enrichment for all of us. »


Jenny family

Familie Jenny.jpg

Susi & Dieter
Brigitta & Alex & Christian

The owners of Landinvest Orada LDA

« Our intention was to grow our own wine in a small vineyard in the Alto Alentejo. A set of coincidences turned this modest idea into a respectable project and business. We had the courage to expand Monte de Matacães thanks to a capable farm manager, an extremely reliable and flexible team, professional and helpful advisors, trustworthy businessmen, reliable neighbors, and good friends. »

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