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Monte de Matacães

In Monte de Matacães, 250 hectares of land are cultivated with vines, olives, crops, pastures and cork oak forests.


The town is located 15 km west of Monte de Matacães. It is famous for its marble and the imposing Royal Palace with the Pousada Raihna Santa Isabel. The art of the Alentejan clay figures of Estremoz belongs to the UNESCO cultural heritage.


In addition to the main building and the guest apartments, there are three small houses that are ripe for renovation on the site, and are currently being rebuilt.
Four barns and warehouses have been built for the agricultural business.


Independent supply

The supply of fresh water and energy is largely self-sufficient, and the waste water is treated in the farm's own facilities.


The entire farm, including fodder and fruit production, is certified as organic. The wine and olive production is supported with a biodiverse ecosystem that also supports other natural development, such as insects.



We are happy to offer guided tours of the facilities. Visits to the neighbourhood Cardeira winery with tastings are also possible.

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