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Our philosophy

We want to ensure that all our work is Sustainable.  We ensure that our agriculture is diverse, maintains the balance of nature and enables the support of a natural breeding ecosystem from which we are dependent. We promote and support natural cycles. We do not exploit our farm animals, cattle and sheep, and ensure we take strict measures to remove stress for the animals and nature that support us. And we are happy about visitors to Matacães to enjoy the wonderful landscape, the Matacães farm and the cultural gems of the Alentejo as much as we do.


Monte de Matacães

We have shifted to an organic and biodiverse farming practice. After six years of development, the entire farm with vines, olive and fodder cultivation was certified as an organic farm at the end of October 2021.



Our healthy and rich soils provide all we need to produce our organic wines, olive oils and other farm produce.

Monte de Matacães gives us everything that can grow in a healthy soil.


Holidays on the estate

Book one of the apartments in the old walls of Monte de Matacães.


Tourism & Region

Discover the eastern Alentejo with its diverse cultural treasures.


Our Team

A great and dedicated team stands behind our philosophy and puts it into practice.


Picture gallery

If words don't inspire, these pictures certainly will.


Contact & Arrival

We look forward to seeing you!

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